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Making appointments   

 You may contact me directly for an appointment at (612) 916-0774 or you can book an appointment yourself, online. Referrals from other health care providers are welcomed, but not required.

For your first appointment:

  • Bring your insurance card, photo ID and a list of any medications or supplements you are taking. Reports of X-rays, recent medical visits, etc. are helpful if you have them, but not required.
  • Dress in loose clothing that can be rolled up at the arms and legs.  Have a light meal or snack within 2-4 hours of your appointment.

Your first appointment will be about 1 hour. It will include a review of your medical history, a brief examination and an initial treatment.

Follow-up appointments

An initial course of acupuncture may range from 2-3 sessions for an acute problem, to 6-10 sessions for more chronic problems. Appointments typically are 50 to 60 minutes.

House calls

House calls to assisted living or long-term facilities are available within a 15-mile radius of the clinic for persons whose health condition prevents them from traveling. A travel surcharge may be added.

Explanation of insurance coverage

Many insurance policies do cover acupuncture care, but this office makes no representation that yours does. Insurance policies vary in terms of allowed visits, deductibles and copays for acupuncture care.  Classic Health Care (CHC) requires that the patient, be personally responsible for the payment of your deductibles, as well as any unpaid balances in this office. We will do our best to verify your insurance coverage, and will bill your insurance in a timely manner.

Payment arrangements

Unless insurance is pending, full payment is due at each visit. Your full obligation and portion of the bill is expected to be due when the payment is received from your insurance carrier. Any unpaid balances will be considered past due 30 days following insurance reimbursement. Past due balances may have an interest charge of 1.5% applied per month. Please inquire in advance if you need an alternative payment plan.

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