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Gretchen’s path

GretchenPorterAcupuncture and other energy medicine can be used to improve function, decrease chronic pain and reduce medications.  Read some testimonials from my clients.

My career in health care has been long and gratifying.  Work as an Adult Nurse Practitioner allowed me to provide the best of medical resources in a variety of settings. Along the way, I was fortunate to serve as an executive director of a non-profit organization for older adults, developing a volunteer parish nurse program and health education programs. As the years progressed, the importance of treating the whole person emerged as the key to sustaining health.

In the medical field, the frustrating limits of effectively treating pain and chronic illnesses are always evident.  Medications may carry side effects; costly tests and evaluations offer many diagnoses, but fewer useful remedies.  These challenges led me to explore the field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, also known as Integrative Medicine.  There I found how other world-wide systems of  medicine help the body naturally heal itself. It was time to expand my health tool kit to help clients get and stay healthy.  Along the path, I gathered skills in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Healing Touch, meditation, nutrition, and mental health.  I learned how these modalities work in concert with conventional medicine and how to help clients discern the best way to bring them together for personal health.

The further I travel on this path, the more I am in awe of how the body seeks to heal itself and how subtle energy work can have dramatic effects.    Now when a client reports, “My whole left side hurts—from head to toe; I have had x-rays and MRIs of my back and joints, and medications without benefit”—I hear the familiar story of the body treated in its parts, disconnected from the mind and spirit.  But I also know that within this whole person is an ‘energy body’ with layers, channels and points that can be used to treat his head to toe symptoms.  I know that acupuncture and other energy medicine can be used to improve function, decrease chronic pain and reduce medications. When an acupuncture client asks, “Is there medicine in the acupuncture needles?”, I can confidently reply, “No,  the ‘medicine’ is in you!  Acupuncture just helps it work better!”

The part of my work that is most exciting is understanding the unique composition of each client–the energy of body, mind and spirit as it affects health.  Effective treatment can then be individualized, drawing on the best of health care traditions.  Join me on this path of Integrative Medicine;  a partnership in health. symbol red

– Gretchen Porter 

Gretchen Porter, RN, LAc




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